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Dollard Packaging offers its customers a broad and unique range of products, all produced at our 45,000 sq ft operation near Dublin Airport and the M50. Our experience, technical support, equipment, quality standards and commitment to sustainability makes us a supplier of choice for many great brand names. We are Irish owned, run and are fully focused on supporting local and regional customers, both big and small. Just get in touch and let us tell you more.

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With 40 years of proven track record and experience behind us. We have all the qualities required to make us a perfect packaging partner. We take pride in what we do and welcome all packaging challenges. Dollard Packaging is active in several end-use markets and has the quality standards to support those we work with. Our people are both time-served and skilled in the craft of print and packaging and we have invested in the right equipment and systems to allow us to compete with the best in today’s market.

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