16 Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out on Shelves

Ways to Make Your Product Packaging Stand Out on Retail Shelves

supermarket shelf pakced with food stuff

This article looks at 16 ways that can help you do this.

It is an undisputed fact that the appearance of your packaging will have an effect on your sales in retail stores. Below we have summarised the key points from this article and added our own advice on certain points. You can read the original  article here.

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  1. Keep the design simple.

    The article advises “too many different colours, graphics, and designs can be very overwhelming for consumers, leaving your product alone on the shelves as your competitors sell out” and “make sure your fonts are legible and that your packaging focuses on the highlighting your product’s best attributes”

  2. Keep your design professional

    It is advised that while some companies feel that a quality product always wins the day, a shopper who has never bought your product before needs to be motivated to buy it by your package design which needs to be professional neat and clean.

  3. Ensure your design is relevant and appropriate

    The article advises “the best packaging idea in the world won’t work if it’s not appropriate for your product. A charming label featuring imagery appropriate for a high-end bottle of wine will do nothing on a package of beef jerky, and cartoonish snack logo may prove to be highly ineffective on a bag of high-end coffee”

  4. Target your market through your packaging.

    Think about the demographics of your target market and design about packaging accordingly.  For example if your product is targeted at the over 60s market, this will have implications for design and font size for legibility.

  5. Colour choice.  

    The psychology of colours has been studied extensively and most studies have concluded that varied colours have different impacts on human emotions.Pantone Matching System Book and Eye Glass

  6. Re-examine the size of your packaging.

    For example, if your products have a short shelf life and are perishable, a large package may not be the best option as the large size will put consumers off as they perceive that they will not have used all of the contents before the expiry date.

  7. Create a connection between flavour and packaging.

    When a great eye-catching design with your favourite flavour catches your eye in the supermarket, it is difficult not to stop and examine the product’ s packaging, even if you set out with no intention of shopping for this product.

  8. Make an impact with imagery.

    A picture says a thousand words  and will be more effective in catching a busy shopper’s eye.

  9. Tell the consumer what they’re getting with your product.

    Misleading information on the packaging will ensure that the consumer never buys your product again.

  10. Tell your customers how to use your product. 

    Give clear usage instructions.

  11. Consider the environment.

    The sustainable movement is a trend that is not going away. At Dollard Packaging, we can help you find more sustainable ways of producing your packaging. Letting your consumers know that your packaging is eco-friendly may help you to sell more product.

  12. Make your purpose clear.

    This one is almost a “no-brainer”  but make it abundantly clear what you product is used for. For example, a dog treats package should not look like a package of treats for a human.

  13. Give your retailers options.

    The article advises – “think about the ways in which your product can best be highlighted. Whether it’s a holiday or a special event, designing packaging that can be used as part of a unique display or end cap is a perfect way to draw extra attention to your company’s brand”

  14. Change your packaging with the seasons.

    This may not always be possible but worth considering if certain seasons such as Christmas are a lot more lucrative than other seasons.

  15. Tell your customers your story.

    A lot of consumers are drawn in by a human story on the packaging.

  16. Dare to be different.

    This strategy requires careful handling, being different from the competition can be a wonderful way to stand out but being wildly different can sometimes work against you.  It would be advisable to study the competition’s packaging very carefully before you approve a design that is dramatically different.

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