Outdated Packaging Design Trends

5 Packaging Design Trends on the Way Out in 2018

As 2018 brings a world of fresh, new trends that raise the bar for good packaging design, Pamela Webber outlines the 2017 trends being shown the door in an interview with graphic designer, Martis Lupus of www.99designs.ie  Below we have summarised the article for you.

Over-Cluttered Designs

cluttered design image

Cluttered designs have become a thing of the past as consumers expect product packaging to convey relevant information instantly. Brands have adapted a minimalistic and modern style with careful use of space and colour, such as the design style shown below.

cartons with a simple pastel design

Small Typography

Smaller fonts are losing popularity as brands are beginning to opt for bold fonts and fewer words to grab consumers attention and stand out on shelves.

carton with big words design

Familiar Designs

As experimental styles begin to take reign with innovative and whimsical solutions, familiar designs are taking a back seat as packaging design is pushed into new territories.

Wasteful Packaging Material

As consumers awareness of the environmental impact of their purchases grows so does the number of brands opting for biodegradable materials with a smaller ecological footprint such a hemp or paper in place of plastic.

The window carton shown below has a window patch made from eco-film, a plant-based film that is bio-degradable and therefore the entire carton is sustainable. This eco-film is available from Dollard Packaging.

bendability of eco film

You can read more about the sustainable properties of this film here. Please talk to one of our sales reps if you would like to learn more about making your packaging more sustainable 01 847 00 44.

Hyper-masculine Packaging

Hyper-stimulating and explosive designs are being waved goodbye as soothing pastels and soft edges with a more feminine aesthetic take centre stage in 2018. An example of this softer design style is shown below.

carton with pastel shades