5 Tips for Creating Statement-Worthy Seasonal Packaging

Seasonal Packaging can give a boon to sales during that season but does require some extra investment and planning. In a blog on the JohnsByrne’s blog, the author gives five tips for Creating Statement-Worthy Seasonal Packaging.

Reinforce your brand with seasonal packaging

 Regardless of the season, your packaging must always reinforce your brand in the mind of your consumer. The author warns against getting “distracted by all the shiny snowflakes and cool colour options. But if you lose sight of the brand image you’re trying to convey, you risk misleading consumers.” In other words, if consumers can’t easily see that this seasonal packaging is still your brand that they know and trust, you risk losing some sales.

Also, it is advisable to stick to your brand identity. For example, if your products are high-end luxury products, then your seasonal packaging must still convey this about your products so that they don’t blend in with all the other low to middle range products in seasonal packaging.

Tie Holiday Packaging to Strategic Promotions

Many of your competitors will run seasonal promotions. However, a promotion by itself isn’t usually enough. Neither is attractive packaging. You need both.

Try to plan your promotion so that it will help sales now and right into next year. Seasonal packaging has a downside that once the season is over, your packaging may not be usable. However, with some clever planning, it is possible to repurpose the packaging or make it usable into the post-season time.

The author suggests that promotional packaging, such as giving away a free product with the purchase of another product may help.

Consult Print and Packaging Experts

Packaging techniques, trends, and technologies are constantly changing. It makes sense to consult with printed packaging experts and suppliers before you invest valuable time and money in seasonal packaging. At Dollard, we have been manufacturing cartons since 1982, so we have a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into regarding all aspects of packaging.

Let the data guide you

Like any investment, you need to evaluate the possible return on investment by analysing the data from previous years if this data is available. How well did your seasonal packaging work in previous years?

Check your social media platforms, blogs, and influencer sites to gauge consumer response. Also, check your competitors’ seasonal packaging on their social media platforms to see which seasonal packaging is stimulating the most engagement.

Your designers and marketing team probably have their own vision for seasonal packaging. However, using a data-centric approach will keep you focused on results. You’ll also avoid making false assumptions.

Find the right partner

Finding the right partner to create your seasonal packaging is essential. Remember that regardless of what the project is, it is vital that you begin by agreeing on the carton structure first, and then proceeding to get the artwork created for that carton or sleeve. We can help you work out the best structure for your packaging and help you with many other aspects of your project.

You can read the original article here.

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