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Make your Packaging more Eco-friendly

The vast pollution that can be caused by plastic and other packaging has meant that there is an increased interest in ways to make packaging more sustainable.

In this article, we look at ways that you can improve the sustainability of your cartons and sleeves.

As a user of cartons or sleeves, you are probably well aware that your packaging is one of the most sustainable forms of packaging that exists.  Dollard Packaging are FSC approved. (See the FSC cert.) This means that all the wood used to produce the cartonboard has been sourced from a responsibly managed forest, where trees are replanted when they are cut down.

You can read more about sustainability and cartonboard in our previous blogs on this topic. Search the Sustainability in Packaging category in our News page for the list of blogs on this topic.

1 Use a Plant-based Window Patch Film

If your carton or sleeve has a window with a film, talk to us about using plant-based film, rather than the traditional plastic film. This plant-based film, (known eco-film) comes from two natural sources, cotton wool and wood pulp. Read more about the plant-based window patch here.

How is the eco-film made?

It is manufactured primarily from cellulose acetate flakes which are treated with additives and solvents and processed to create the film. Cellulose Acetate is a natural plastic, which is manufactured from purified natural cellulose. Natural cellulose is derived primarily from two sources, cotton linters (cotton wool) and wood pulp.

Biodegradable Cartons and Sleeves

Using this eco-film on your carton or sleeve will mean your packaging is fully biodegradable.

Below are some of the certifications for the eco-film.

Produced from wood-pulp –a natural and renewable resource
• Wood pulp is sourced from PEFCTo (Programme For the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified managed forestry
• Classed as paper and board according to UK Packaging Waste Regulations
• Certified as biodegradable to EN 13432, ASTM D6400* and Vincotte OK Compost Home
• 100% GM free material

2 Recloseable Cartons

Minimise food waste by structuring your carton to facilitate a tight closing to minimise food spoilage or consider perhaps offering promotional bag clips to seal the inner container. We can help you investigate carton closing mechanisms.

3 Choose a Recycled Board

Ask us about the board type you are using and we can help you find a recycled board.

4 Use a Lighter Board (if fit for purpose)

A lighter weight board will help reduce the environmental impact of your carton or sleeve. However, the board must always be fit for purpose and able to protect your product all through the product’s lifecycle. You can read more about choosing the correct cardboard for your product here. 

5 Recycling Instructions on your Carton or Sleeve

Make sure to give clear instructions on how your carton or sleeve can be recycled and where possible, re-used. Read another of our blog posts on Recycling Instructions here.

6 Minimise the Carton Size

If you are re-designing your carton or sleeve, this is a good time to look at the size of your carton and see if you can reduce the size of it slightly while still being fit for purpose. Note:  many companies who have reduced their packaging size have highlighted the fact that the product inside their packaging is still the same size and weight. This is to counteract any fears consumers may have that they are getting less product because the package size is smaller.

7 Choose an Eco-friendly Finish

If your carton or sleeve has a finish such as lamination or varnishes, eco-friendly versions are available. Talk to us at Dollard Packaging if you need advice on this.

Finally, tell consumers about the sustainability of your packaging

Make the most of the fact that you have invested in making your own packaging more sustainable by letting consumers know this fact in the packaging design and wording. As consumers become even more environmentally aware, it is likely that they will favour a product with eco-friendly packaging over a similar product that does not appear to have sustainable packaging. See our blog on How Sustainability Drives Sales.

Contact Dollard Packaging for help with making your packaging (carton or sleeves) more sustainable 01 847 0044 or sales@dollard-packaging.ie We can discuss the carton structure, boards etc that will reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging.

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