A Guide to Sustainable Carton Board

sustainbale cardboard for your carton

In this post, we summarise useful information from a handy infographic from JohnsByrne Packaging which explains the different types of certified Sustainable boards available and what each type actually means.  We also add some Dollard Packaging advice regarding choosing a board for your carton and how to ensure the structure of your carton is fit for purpose.

The post explains the board types as follows:

“Post-Consumer Waste Paper: Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) is recycled paper that is made from waste that people have used and recycled.

 A product that has a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification has been sourced from responsibly managed forests and/or been made from post-consumer waste.

 FSC® 100%: FSC® 100% are certified products that come completely from FSC®-certified forests.

 FSC® Mix: FSC® Mix identifies FSC® certified products that are made from multiple sources.

 FSC® Recycled: FSC® Recycled products are made with recycled materials exclusively.

 PEFC Certification: The PEFC Chain of Custody certification verifies that the certified forest-based material a product is made of originates from sustainably managed forests.

 PEFC Recycled: In order to qualify to use the PEFC Recycled label, at least 70% of the material is from recycled sources and the wood is from controlled sources.

 PEFC Certified Material: To qualify to use the PEFC Certified label, at least 70% of the material has to be from certified PEFC forests.”

Choosing a board for your carton or sleeve – Dollard Packaging advice

It is extremely important to choose the most suitable board for your packaging, regardless of whether or not you are using a sustainable board. The board you propose to use must be tested prior to confirming the order.  The board must be tested in all key life cycles stages and in all conditions that your product’s packaging will be in. For example, if your product will be stored/displayed in a chill/freezer cabinet, then your proposed board must be tested in those conditions. This can be done by getting your carton supplier to create mock-ups using the proposed board and subjecting the mock-ups to the relevant life cycle and conditions tests.  You can read our blog on Choosing a Board for your Carton here. 

Choosing the Structure of your Carton – Dollard Packaging advice

Similarly, you must test the structure of your carton/sleeve before you begin to get artwork created for your packaging as the structure of the carton is crucial to how the artwork is formatted and also to how fit for purpose your carton will be in real-life conditions. Both the board and the carton structure can be tested at the same time. You can read more about Choosing a Carton Structure here

You can read the full JohnsByrne article here.

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