Amazon’s Vendor Packaging Sustainability Programme


In a podcast interview with BNP Media, the Manager of Packaging Sustainability at Amazon, Brent Nelson explains how the Amazon Packaging Sustainability Programme works. This programme encompasses both the outer packaging that Amazon use and also the packaging used by the vendors who sell through Amazon.

The aims of the programme are:

-to ensure the packaging adequately protects the product so that it is delivered to the consumer intact

-to “right-size” the packaging to minimise overly large packaging/too small packaging

-to ensure that all Amazon packaging is “kerbside recyclable”

-to minimise packaging cost

Consumer Packaging Concerns

He stated that consumers are becoming increasingly vocal about sustainability and packaging waste.

Vendor Incentive Programme and Frustration-Free Packaging Programme

Mr Nelson explains how the above programmes involve working with vendors to achieve maximum sustainability and ease of use by the consumers. Amazon have a 3-tier certification programme that vendors must pass. The certification process is carried out by a 3rd part lab and is approved by the International Safe Transit Association.

Ship In Own Container Packaging

Where possible, vendor packaging is designed to ship in it’s own container (SOIC) so that no additional outer Amazon packaging is required, other than a shipping label.

Design Packaging for eCommerce Sales from the Start

Mr Nelson explains that packaging designed for eCommerce sales has different functions to packaging designed for bricks and mortar stores. For example, packaging designed for bricks and mortar stores needs to attract the shopper on the retail shelves whereas eCommerce packaging and branding need to focus more on the inner packaging to help the “unboxing experience”.  He advises that manufacturers need to design packaging with both sales channels in mind.

Amazon has a dedicated website about packaging sustainability for vendors and other interested parties. See the Amazon Sustainability website here.

Listen to the Podcast here.  29 mins