Artisan Honey Gift Packaging

artisan honey gift packaging set

Korpikuusikko, a Finnish artisan honey producer have created an exquisite range of packaging for their Winter Edition Honey Gift Set. The range was designed by Metsä Board’s design service and all the carton packaging is printed on Metsä boards. It includes primary packaging, a gift set, e-commerce and transport packaging as well as point of sale display material.

Some of the board types used in this gift set packaging were chosen because of the unique whiteness of their surface finish. This reflects the purity of the honey and the winter theme.

The founder of Korpikuusikko Honey, Teemu Aittamaa stated that the company’s vision was to produce gifts instead of honey. The elegant, serene packaging adds value to the consumer. It was important also that the packaging used was sustainable and made of renewable raw materials. The origin of the packaging material was printed on the cover of the gift set so that consumers are aware that the packaging is sustainable.

The package design features gold foiling and embossing for a tactile effect. You can read more about special finishes for carton packaging here.

Below are more images of this unique gift set.

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