ASOS reduces its carbon footprint by 13%

This is an article that explains how ASOS, the online fashion giant reduced its carbon footprint by 13%. These figures relate to absolute operational emissions i.e., the entire footprint across inbound transportation, intersite transportation, fulfillment centres, and offices, packaging and, customer deliveries and returns. The report also features figures on carbon intensity reduction performance. Carbon intensity refers to the number of grams of CO2 emitted per unit of energy consumed. ASOS reduced the amount of carbon emitted per order by 45% since the year 2015/2016. This exceeded their target of 30%.

The article also informs us that Amazon’s absolute global emissions in 2020 increased by 19% year on year as demand increased.

What were the main drivers of the carbon reduction?

The key drivers were listed as:

  • improved efficiency of delivery routes in the US
  • a shift away from air freight
  • getting more renewable electricity for owned facilities
  • implementing light or packaging with more recycled content.

ASOS has also signed up to the British Retail Consortium on climate action roadmap which requires supporters to deliver net zero carbon by 2040.

You can read the full report here.

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