Attention to Packaging can help eCommerce Sales

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How Packaging can Help eCommerce Sales

In this article written by Shalu Jain for Packaging Digest, she examines the recent trend for eCommerce customers to share the “unwrapping” or “unboxing” of your products on social media – provided the packaging looks attractive. This means that your products are now been shown many other potential customers. Dotcom’s 2015 eCommerce Packaging Study, Unwrapping the Customer Experience. This report “focuses largely on delivery-packaging strategies of ecommerce sites. It highlights the importance of product packaging in this new age of ecommerce. How your products come across to customers is a major factor in whether they’ll spread the word about your company or not. And packaging is largely associated with brand perception.”

 eCommerce customers don’t usually see the packaging until the products arrives to their home, (unlike retail shoppers where the packaging is what you see on the shelves, not the product itself). Therefore eCommerce businesses tend to overlook the importance of the design and attractiveness of the packaging, focusing solely on the functionality of the packaging.

She states an amazing statistic – 74% of young consumers (aged 18-25 years) will share a recent purchase on social media if the product packaging is unique and engaging.

She states that packaging is a “vital online marketing tool” and advises businesses to make their packaging “likeable” and “shareable”

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