Avoiding Brexit Packaging Tariffs


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Food Manufacturers – Will Brexit Affect Your Packaging Costs? Protect your Cost Base.

Brexit Tariffs and Raw Material Costs

As a food manufacturer, you will be only too aware of the effect that a rise in your raw material costs can have on your profitability. As endless Brexit discussions and meetings rumble on, a hard border between the north and the south of Ireland post-Brexit is still a possibility.

If you are a food manufacturer who currently imports carton or sleeve packaging from NI or the UK, you may want to explore how you can avoid Brexit tariffs in the event of a hard border.

Brexit Preparedness and Tariffs on NI Packaging Imports

We are a high-quality carton and sleeve printer based in Coolock, Dublin and therefore we will not be subject to Brexit tariffs. While it is still very unclear what exactly Brexit will mean in terms of tariffs and costs, if you import packaging from Northern Ireland and wish to begin open-ended discussions with a ROI carton printer, Dollard Packaging can help. Therefore, if the worst should happen and hefty tariffs are imposed on your packaging imports, you will be well prepared to transfer your printing to an alternative source with a minimum of hassle and expense.

Who is Dollard Packaging and how can they help me?

We are a long-established, Dublin-based manufacturer of high quality printed folding cartons and sleeves for the retail food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and technology sectors. Dollard was founded in Dublin in 1982. We have particular expertise in all aspects of carton and sleeve manufacture for the food industry. You can view our food cartons here. 

We are happy to discuss any of your packaging requirements and provide you with quotations and other information you require even if you are unsure yet whether or not you need to source an alternative printer.

Expertise in Carton Manufacture for the Food Industry

Dollard Packaging manufactures the following products for the food industry. Typically these products are printed in 4, 5 or 6 colours and can have a wide range of special finishes such as foiling, embossing, varnishing or lamination.

Materials and Sustainable Cartons

We can supply materials to your specification, including sourcing recycled or eco-friendly boards or films for window patches. Talk to our sales representatives about your requirements. You can read more about ways to make your carton or sleeves more sustainable here.

Carton and Sleeve Quality

Our cartons are high quality and we have printed cartons for brands such as Tesco, Dunnes Stores, SuperValu, Cully and Sully, Jack Daniels and a host of other well-known brands.

We are ISO certified since 1989 and we are FSC certified. Being FSC Certified means that all the material if required can be sourced from a sustainably managed forest. See our Accreditations.  

At Dollard Packaging we can help you produce cartons and sleeves that are already have been printed or from original artwork.

I am not sure if I need to move from my existing printer but I’d like to discuss this with Dollard Packaging? Can I have an exploratory discussion?

Yes, we understand that nobody yet knows exactly what will happen with Brexit but we are more than happy to discuss your printing requirements and help you in any way we can so that you have a backup plan should you get hit by heavy tariffs and need to move your printing out of Northern Ireland.

Contact Dollard to today and have a free consultation with any of our reps. Call 01 847 0044 or email sales@dollard-packaging.ie

What should I do if I want to transfer my existing order with another printer to Dollard Packaging?

Our sales reps will take you through what you need to do to transfer your print order including the transfer of artwork, cutting formes* and any other relevant material.

Talk to our Dollard sales reps and they can help you find the best solution. O1 847 00 44 or sales@dollard-packaging.ie

*If you have paid for a cutting forme with your existing printer, then you will be entitled to have that cutting forme returned to you. If this is not possible, we can create a forme from your artwork.

Originally published in February 2018, Updated 2019