Biscuit Manufacturer Reduces Plastic by 90%

This article will be of interest to any manufacturers who are currently considering changing from plastic to cartons or sleeves. It is a summary of a report on the Confectionery Production website about the massive reduction in single-use plastics by the biscuit manufacturer, Border Biscuits.

Border Biscuits who are based in Lanark, UK, are a family business which was founded in 1984. Throughout the past year, the business has invested Stg£1.6 million in its products and processes, which has included a 90% reduction in their use of plastic.

Benefits of Plastic Reduction

old Border Biscuit packaging

Old Border Biscuit packaging


new Border Biscuit cartons

New Border Biscuit cartons


They have achieved this by changing their packaging from clear plastic containers to cartons with windows. In addition, the overall weight of the Ginger, Classic and Traditional retail packaging has been reduced by 50%. This means that twice the number of packs fit onto one pallet, making the transportation of products more environmentally friendly and further reducing the company’s carbon footprint saving 537 tonnes of CO2.

Addressing the environmental concerns of customers

Border Biscuits have wisely stayed in close touch with their customers’ concerns and the change in packaging was in response to the environmental concerns of their customers as their marketing manager of Border Biscuits, Suzie Carlaw commented, “our new packaging means we can address the environmental concerns of our customers without compromising on the high quality of our beautifully crafted biscuits.”

Consumer Feedback on new Sustainable Packaging

Border Biscuits have received additional positive feedback as consumers find that the packs are easier to store and the ability to see the biscuit within the pack remains a major positive.

Logo Update

The company used the change of packaging as an opportunity to update their logo.

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