Breakfast Bites – how to determine the shelf life of your Food Product

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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is hosting a series of free, informal breakfast meetings for food businesses, called “Breakfast Bites” . They will provide useful information on the topics that food businesses may want to know more about.

The upcoming Breakfast Bite is entitled: How to determine shelf-life for your food product and takes place on April 5th at 8.30am at Seminar Room, Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Abbey Court, Lower Abbey St, Dublin 1.
The speaker is Karl MacDonald (FSAI) .According to the FSAI website, Karl will “explain the basics of food shelf-life including what shelf-life is, the legal requirements, the difference between ‘best-before’ and ‘use-by’ dates and the broad steps to determine the shelf-life of your food product. Karl will give some examples of how shelf-life is determined for different food products. There will be an opportunity to ask Karl questions at the end of his presentation”

You can register and find out more here