Carbon Offsetting for Business – An Explanation

This is an excellent document created by Edie to explain what carbon offsetting is and how the process works when a business offsets the carbon it produces. Although the document is intended for a UK audience but it is still relevant to non-UK readers as all the universal concepts and issues relating to carbon offsetting for business are explained very clearly. It is well worth a read for any businesses interested in improving the sustainable practices of their business or looking for investors. A 2019 study carried out by Oxford University found more than 80% of mainstream investors now consider environmental, social and governance information when making investment decisions

Who is Edie?

Edie is a business media brand website that empowers sustainability, energy and environmental professionals of all levels to make business more sustainable by providing award-winning content and events. Their website has a huge volume of information about all matters relating to sustainability.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting refers to a practice which involves an organisation removing a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas from the atmosphere to compensate for that which it emits.
The document points out “that carbon offsetting should only be turned to at the point that an organisation has reduced its own emissions as far as it possibly can (through on-site renewables, energy efficiency technologies and behavioural change, for example). In other words, businesses should not use embark on carbon offsetting in order to avoid having to take steps reduce their carbon emissions.

The document is available to download for free* and it contains the following topics:
• What are the different carbon offsetting options and how do they work?
• Tree-planting
• Peatland restoration
• Forest conservation projects
• Fuel-efficiency projects
• Renewable energy projects
• ‘Extractive’ technologies
• How is the carbon offsetting market growing?
• How does the carbon offsetting process work?
• 1. Calculate your footprint
• 2. Choose an offsetting partner
• 3. Agree the partnership
• 4. The offsetting project begins
• How much does carbon offsetting cost?
• What are the business benefits of carbon offsetting?
• What are the controversies surrounding carbon offsetting?
• What does the future hold for carbon offsetting?
• Industry viewpoint Lee Dudley, Head of Environmental Carbon, Estate and Woodland Outreach, The Woodland Trust.

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*It is free as long as you enter your email address and accept to subscribe to some communication from the Woodland Trust.