Carton Excellence Awards – Beauty and Cosmetics

3-Part Carton Wins Beauty Award

3 part beauty carton

This month we bring you the winner and finalists in the Beauty and Cosmetics section of the ProCarton Carton Excellence Awards.

The winner was a beautifully designed carton for an 5-day intensive skin care gift for the German Femia Cosmetics company. It was in retail stores in time for Mother’s Day.  The delicate pastel pink shade is finished with soft-touch varnish and enhanced with a silver-foil text. The graphic design was by Femia’s own graphic designer and the structural design was by the carton printer.

The  carton structure consists of 3 parts, lid, base and outer carton. The fragile glass ampoules are fitted into both lids and base and fit together snugly when the carton is fully assembled. The window patches allow the contents to be seen yet they are fully protected against damage by the clever carton construction.



Cosmetics box pink skincare cartonbeauty treatment carton

The 3 finalists are shown below:

Royal OvalDose

IK Skin Perfection


IK Skin Perfection cartons

Coscoon Skin Cosmetics

Coscoon Cosmetics cartons

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