Carton Packaging Project – Product Questionnaire

Starting a new carton design or packaging project? It is extremely important that you give us/your packaging supplier all the relevant information about the product and the packaging you are planning at the start of the project. To make this easier for our customers, we have created a Product Information and Life Cycle Questionnaire. If you complete this questionnaire, this will give us the required information to choose the most suitable structure, board and finishing for your packaging.

As with all packaging projects, it is imperative that you begin the project by consulting your carton manufacturer before you consult your graphic designer. This is because the most important initial issue regarding packaging is the structure of the carton or sleeve, not the artwork creation. The structure and the proposed cartonboard must be tested and approved before you approach a graphic designer looking for artwork creation. You can read more about Carton Structure here.

Product & Packaging Information and Life Cycle Questionnaire

Your Budget

Decide roughly how much you plan to spend on your packaging. Based on this, we can advise you what type of carton or sleeve is most suitable for your product whilst fitting within your budget.

Type of Product

What type of item is your product – food, drink, toy, breakable item etc? We use a range of boards (i.e cardboards) to suit different types of item, – as an example, for wet or cold foods, we will use a board with a waxed coating on the inside to prevent leakage.

Is there any Direct Contact between the Product and the Packaging?

Will there be direct contact between the product and its packaging? This is especially important in food packaging.

The manufacture of cartons intended for food packaging is a specialist area. The carton board material intended for direct contact with food must be specially selected. Consideration must be given to internal functional barriers to prevent moisture or grease migration from the product and the selection of low migration inks and coatings to prevent migration from the exterior of the carton. At Dollard Packaging, we have vast experience in the manufacture of food cartons and we will assist you in finding the most sustainable carton board.

Weight of Product

What weight is each unit of your product? (This will affect the weight/strength and type of board that’s best for your product).

Product Packing

How will your product be packed, by machine or by hand? If it is by machine, then you will need samples to test that your packaging runs through your packing machinery smoothly. If it’s by hand, you’ll need to test that your staff can easily erect/open, insert product and close the packaging.

Product Storage

Where, how and at what temperature will your product be stored at each stage of its lifecycle? For example, if it’s stored in the freezer, then a freezer-grade board is used, if it’s going to be stored or transported on ice, a board that’s waterproof and won’t disintegrate when in contact with ice will be necessary.

Product Stacking

Will your products be stacked on top of each other? This is another consideration that needs to be taken into account when deciding what board to use.

Product Postage

Is your product going to be put in the post at any point in its expected life cycle?


Is the sustainability of your packaging a priority for you?

Your Target Customer

Who is your product targeted at? For example, if your target customer is a health-conscious, eco-aware consumer, then you may want to consider using recycled or eco-friendly boards and to advertise this in the text or images in the artwork.

Number of Different Types of Products

How many different products do you need packaging for? (If you need packaging for more than one product, then you may achieve savings by printing different types of packaging at the same time)

Reclosable Package

Do you need your packaging to be reclosable? If so, we will discuss the various closure options available.

Displaying the Product

Do you wish to display your product in the packaging—we can provide a die-cut window with or without a clear sustainable window patch which will both display and protect the product.

Open Die-cut Window

Do you want consumers to be able to touch your product? Perhaps in the case of a toy where a child can press a button on the product. If so, we can provide an open die-cut window.


Do you want to packaging to be accessible to users with a disability? If so, please give some more information about this.

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