Carton of the Year 2016 – Beverages Winner

Beverages – Winners and Finalists in the ECMA ProCarton Awards


Beverages Procarton ECMA winner



 Beverages ECMA Carton winner

The winner of the 2016 ProCarton ECMA Awards – Beverages section was a brandy bottle carton. The brand name is Polz Brandy XO and the brand owner is Weingut Erich & Walter Polz.

Carton Constuction

The carton is made of 2 parts, a box with a hinged lid and a diecut insert to hold the brandy bottle in place. The insert has flaps on all four sides which are pressed down to fixate it when it is placed in the box. The carton is erected manually.

Carton Design and Printing

This carton was designed by an Austrian advertising agency, Brokat Werbeagentur.  The carton is printed using black and gold colours with some transparent text on the front of the carton lid. The design uses the natural brown colour of the cartonboard on the inside of the lid which complements the colour of the brandy. Both a matt overall varnish and a glossy spot varnish were used to finish the printing of this carton.


The ProCarton website states that “Graphically it looks smart, elegant and premium with subtle use of gold and the 2 piece carton construction complements this with an elegant, almost book-like appearance while providing adequate protection for the bottle without overpackaging”. It also describes this packaging as “noble” in appearance.

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