Carton of the Year 2016 Sustainability Winner

Most Sustainable Carton 2016

This month we show images of the Winner of the Sustainable Award 2016. The winner was Beam-Box, a battery container for Varta Consumer Batteries. The graphic design and structural design was by Varta’s own design team.

The new design solves the problem of battery boxes that previously couldn’t be reclosed so new and used batteries that were stored together inevitably mingled and couldn’t be distinguished from each other. The carton also doesn’t use any plastic in the window making it a more sustainable option than other battery cartons.

Carton Shape reflects Varta logo

The Procarton website comments as follows “The striking shape of the pack picks up on Varta’s visual logo (triangular shape of a light beam) and fits in perfectly with the positioning of their brand. This provides perfect brand recognition at the Point of Sale.

Good Point of Sale Presentation

An additional clincher is the variety of ways of presenting the product, for example, the cartons can be displayed as circles or pyramids, with and without showing the product.”

The judges described the carton thus “Not only an eye-catching carton but new for the battery sector where the batteries are held within a carton container without the need for a plastic blister and yet is properly reclosable – a clear advantage over the blister packs.”

sustainable carton-award-2016 winner


sustainable carton-award-2016 winner