Child-Resistant Carton Invented in Italy

Carton that Prevents Child Tampering Created

child-resistant carton

Child Resistant Folding Box

An Italian packaging company, Igb has invented an innovative Child Resistant carton, known as the Igb Child Resistant Folding Box. It appears like a normal box and but it has revolutionary elements such as it’s locking system which means that a child under 5 cannot not open it. This makes it an ideal carton for pharmaceutical items or any items that could be harmful to children.

Carton Locking System

The carton has a key without which, it cannot be opened. However, if the key gets lost,  it can be opned by an adult with another object like the cap of a pen. The carton is made of a tear-resistant cardboard that children cannot tear open and automatically locks when closed.

Carton meets FDA requirements

This carton is constructed in such a way that it makes it suitable to be qualified as child-resistant packaging according to the U.S. regulations.

The Child Resistant box has been designed to be mass packaged on standard pharmaceutical packaging lines and does not does not require investments in machinery. The Tamper Evident folding box from Igb is the easiest solution to comply with Directive 2011/62/EU and FDA requirements defining and requiring tamper evidence for pharmaceutical products.

Carton required no glue, labels or additional packaging machinery

An additonal benefit of the The Igb Tamper Evident carton is that it requires no glue or labels, removing two sources of production line delays and no investments in additional packaging machinery are needed.