Christmas Quiz – Answers

Xmas quiz image


Q1 What is a keyline?  b) layout guide that your designer uses to format the artwork to ensure the structure of the carton is correct

Q2 What do the letters CYMK stand for in the printing industry? a) Cyan Yellow Magenta Black

Q3. What is a die – forme used for? a) to cut cartons and sleeves out from the printed sheet

Q4. What does the term bleed mean? c) where the image on the printed sheet runs out to the edge of the sheet with no white margin

Q5 What does the ECMA stand for? a) European Carton Manufacturers Association

Q6  What is B flute? c) a type of corrugated paperboard

Q7 What does SRP stand for? a) Shelf Ready Packaging

Q8 How many Helpful Guides are available on the Dollard Packaging website? c) 11

Q9 What term made it into the Collins Dictionary for the first time in 2018? b) single-use

Q 10 What character from a well-known musical sang about her love of packaging? c) Maria von Trapp from Sound of Music

Q11 How many colours are in the Pantone Matching System PMS swatch book? b) 1867

Q12 Who invented the printing press?b) Johannes Gutenberg

Q13 When was the printing press invented?  a) 1455

Q14 When was Dollard Packaging founded? c) 1982

Q15 Which of the following is not a type of folding carton style? c) full-on no-flap skillet

Bonus Question

What does FSC stand for? c) Forest Stewardship Council


12-16 correct: Excellent. You are a H1 student.

8-11 correct: Not bad!

4-7 correct. : Keep studying…!

0-3 correct: Ah well, the questions didn’t suit you today