The Cleverest Non-Packaging You Will Ever See?

Coconut with Tap Inserted

Unique Coconut Tap Allows User to Drink Straight from Coconut

A revolutionary new idea has bypassed many of the processes in the production of coconut water.

An article, written by Anne Marie Mohan of showed the unusual images of a whole coconut, with a resealable tap inserted into it, allowing the user to drink the coconut water directly from the coconut and to reclose the tap afterwards. The water remains fresh for up to 3 weeks after opening.

The process of creating these “Coco Taps” is that a tapper that can puncture a hole in a coconut is inserted into the coconut and combined with a tap with resealable cap that screws into the hole to create an airtight seal. The tap is made from 100% BPA-free food-grade polycarbonate and is manufactured by a proprietary injection moulder.  There is no lead or mercury in the materials of the tap.

The article stated that the tap is manufactured using an additive that makes the fitment biodegradable in a landfill within five years, versus the 700 to 1,000 years needed for pure polycarbonate to degrade.

The product is from Coco Taps, a coconut water beverage system company based in Las Vegas and founded by entrepreneur Vincent Zaldivar. The product has taken many years of research and Zaldivar has previously produced the Coco Taps Tool Kit, a tool set that allowed a user tap their own whole coconuts.

Before been sent to retail stores, the coconuts are sourced in Thailand, “tapped” in Las Vegas, wrapped in film and a nutritional information label applied.

The Coco Taps were launched in November 2016 and are on sale in 56 of Whole Foods Markets Stores in Arizona, Southern California and Southern Nevada.

This is another example of a drive to making products available to consumer in a more sustainable way.  Talk to us at Dollard Packaging if you would like to discuss ways of making your packaging more sustainable.

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