Confectionery Carton Award Winners and Finalists

De Neuville wins Confectionery Carton Award

De Neuville's Confectionery Award Winner

The winner of the 2016 ProCarton ECMA Awards – Confectionery section was a chocolate egg carton. The brand owner is French confectionery company, De Neuville.

Carton Construction

The carton was constructed so that no plastic packaging is required and the carton is therefore a fully sustainable form of packaging. The carton can be erected automatically.


De Neuville awarding winning carton

Carton Design and Printing

The objectives of the design were to make the packaging have a high impact on the retail shelves and appeal to the target market of younger children. These objectives were achieved using a “chicken and egg” themed design. The larger part of the carton, (the “chicken” part) can be reused for holding pencils, paperclips etc. The carton was produced by Karbest, a Spanish carton printer.

Jury’s Comments on the winning carton

The judges described this carton as “colourful, fun, innovative and attractive”.

Photos of the other 3 finalists can be seen below.

Laima/Orkla carton

Laima/Orkla Confectionery’s Christmas House

Lindt carton

Lindt Chocolate’s Eiffel Tower Carton

fabian rimann carton

Fabian Rimann’s  Advent Calendar carton

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