Conscious Chocolate ReBrand

The Conscious Chocolate company produces chocolate that is organic, vegan and  “raw”. The company was founded in the UK in 2004.

In 2019, the owner, Emma Jackman decided that new design and branding was required in order to grow their brand and meet growing consumer expectations for sustainable packaging.

An article on the Confectionery Production website and an article on Space Creative website report on this rebrand. Below we have summarised the key points of these articles.

Packaging Design for Conscious Chocolate

The UK based design agency, the Space Creative was hired to create the evocative new graphic design and to specify the cartonboard and finishes to be used.

The brand’s new tagline is “chocolate on another level” and the images on the packaging range show a “dreamlike illustration of a grower harvesting cacao with a magical misty mountain backdrop under a canopy of stars” (SpaceCreative website).

Conscious Chocolate’s commitment to sustainability was reflected in its choice of all materials.

Cartonboard for Conscious Chocolate

The AccurateTM “white” GC2 virgin fibre cartonboard from Mayr-Melnhof Karton(MMK) was chosen because of its unique suitability for chocolate products (According to the MMK website, the cartonboard has “brightness 90% Elrepho), high smoothness (1 pps), brilliant gloss and an attractive white reverse side”. AccurateTM is, therefore, the best choice for demanding packaging where an outstanding visual impression is desired and/or it is essential for the packaging to be neutral in odour and taste.”

 You can read the AccurateTM datasheet here.

According to the packaging printer, Qualvis, the AccurateTM “white” GC2 virgin fibre cartonboard is fully biodegradable to EN13432.

(MMK are the world’s largest producer of coated recycled cartonboard. They also produce recycled liner and virgin fibre cartonboard)

chocolate cartons

Finishing and Structure of the Conscious  Chocolate Carton

The cartons were printed in full colour, with textured surface outermost to give a tactile effect. Two coats of a gloss water-based varnish were applied to give the packaging a “lift”. The logo was foil blocked. 

The structural design of the carton incorporates an innovative glued re-closure system, with an easy to use perforation for opening. The design has been registered in the UK and EU design rights registered.

The inner film used inside the carton is plant-based and therefore is fully home compostable along with the carton.

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