Creating an Ongoing Covid19 Strategy

In this post written by Michelle McDonagh of ¬†Aspire HR, the author discusses how employers initially reacted to Covid19 with short-term decision-making and “fire-fighting” methods. (Aspire HR is a Co Kildare based HR consulting business that offers practical HR advice and support to Irish SMEs)

Recent health reports indicate, however, that Covid19 will be with us for the medium-term at least. Therefore, she recommends that employers create an ongoing medium to long-term Covid19 plan. She also cautions employers against using generic government plans or protocols.

In this practical article, she explains 6 steps to Create an ongoing COVID-19 strategy under the following headings.:

1. Make sure you have a robust bespoke COVID-19 Response Plan
2. Create a remote or flexible working policy
3. Ensure every staff member has an up to date contract of employment
4. Create an organisational chart to reflect current commitments
5. Keep Communicating with your Staff
6. Allow Staff Time to Adapt to New Work Situations

You can read the full article here.