Delivery Dates – Get your Packaging on Time.

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Getting your packaging delivered at the right time is pretty important, right? Nobody wants your product’s packaging to hold up the entire production process and thereby costing you money.

How to ensure that you get your packaging on time.

What’s the best way to make sure that your packaging is delivered when you need it?

Are you at the mercy of your packaging supplier and just have to hope that they will deliver when they promised?

Will you end up being charged for overtime or weekend work if it’s a quick turnaround time?

Can you rely on a standard 2-3 week turnaround time all the time or do you need to check the delivery time for each packaging job?

“It depends.….”

There is, of course, no simple answer for all the above questions because “delivery dates depend on …”

Yes, we know that “it depends ….” is probably the world’s most annoying answer but it really does depend on a number of factors.  So in this article, we will look at a few important factors to be aware of when discussing delivery dates for your packaging. We will highlight the situations when you need to allow extra time and give forewarning to your packaging supplier.

Early Warning

Whether your packaging order is a straightforward reprint of existing packaging or a new packaging design, giving an early warning is one of the best ways you can help your packaging supplier to get the best delivery date. Give your packaging supplier early warning of your impending order, even if you are not sure of all of the details, such as the quantity, number of package sorts, number of colours etc. A simple phone call to say, “I may need some cartons, sleeves etc. in a few weeks’ time, I’ll let you know when I know more” means they can pencil in a possible job and give you a call a week or so later as the delivery schedule develops.

Existing Packaging

If your packaging order is for a straight reprint of a previous order, the  number of factors that can affect the delivery date are less than if you are ordering packaging with new artwork design or new packaging structure, (such as if the flaps, die-cuts, window that have changed in shape or size.)  Let’s look at the factors below.

Factors affecting Delivery Times of Existing Packaging

It is advisable to always check the delivery time for a packaging job and don’t assume that the delivery time will be the same as the last job. A number of factors can make a difference in the delivery date.

Time of year: packaging demand fluctuates throughout the year, the pre-Christmas rush is often a time when you may need to allow more time for your packaging to be produced. This pre-Christmas production rush can often start as early as October. However, other times of the year can become busy too so it’s always worth a phone call to check.

Board type used. We order the board from the paper mills and we rely on them to deliver on time. If you choose a slightly more unusual board, this may mean longer delivery times. If you have an order where you have confirmed the type of board and the order quantity, we may be able to order the board even if other aspects of the packaging, such as the design are as yet unconfirmed*

*This may not be possible for all orders.

Shipping. In rare cases, high winds or inclement weather conditions may mean that board deliveries are delayed.

Factors affecting Delivery Times of New Packaging

In addition to considering the factors above, there are additional factors to be aware of when ordering packaging that has a new or altered design or structure.

Get the design and structure right 

If you are ordering packaging for a new product or changing an existing design or structure, getting the structure and the design right from the start will greatly help your chances of getting your packaging delivered on time. Below we have important tips on how to ensure you get it right.

Talk to your Packaging Supplier First

Before you start to engage the services of a packaging designer, talk to a packaging supplier first. Yes, talk to your packaging supplier first. The reason for this is that the usability of the carton or sleeve is the first thing to consider. The overall structure of the packaging must be agreed before you can engage a designer to create wonderful artwork to enhance your presence on the shelves or wherever your product is displayed.

Keylines are Important

At Dollard Packaging we can help your create the correct structure of your packaging and supply your designer with a Keyline (A Keyline is a layout guide that your designer must use to format the artwork correctly. This ensures that when the packaging is printed and folded, all packaging sides face the correct direction and all the interlocking/overlapping parts fit together perfectly) See keyline example below in Figure 1 and Figure 2 below.

Keyline for Carton Printing

Keyline for Carton Printing

Once you have the correct keyline, your graphic designer can design the artwork, safe in the knowledge that when the packaging is printed, all the sides will be facing the correct way and the flaps will interlock correctly etc. We can supply a keyline to your graphic designer and he/she can consult us with any queries on layout, style etc.

You can read more about this on another Dollard Packaging blog

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Getting this important first step right will mean that no time will be lost in artwork edits or recreation.

Proofing: another important step in ensuring an efficient delivery date is checking your proof carefully as errors in the artwork discovered at a later stage can delay production. You may find our proofing checklist helpful


Get your packaging supplier involved at the very start of the packaging design and ordering process. Don’t assume that the delivery time will be the same as the last time just because it’s the same order quantity etc.

Keep the lines of communication open at all times and let your packaging supplier know when any order details are confirmed.

Speak to the Dollard Packaging sales team if you have any queries. 01 847 0044