E-Cloth’s E-shaped Carton

A recent article from Packaging World reported on the new packaging design for E-Cloth. E-Cloth is a Boston-based brand of premium, eco-friendly reusable microfibre cleaning cloths. The e-cloth requires only water to work.  E-Cloth products trap, hold, and eliminate dirt, and, according to the company, are proven to kill 99% of bacteria whereas cotton cloths and chemical products kill only 66%.

Re-branding of the Cleaning Cloth Carton

E-cloth employed Pearlfisher, a creative design and branding agency to design their new look. The objective of the re-brand was to “call out” the eco-friendly properties of the product and to exploit the opportunity that is presented by consumers’ desire to choose a more sustainable way to clean their homes. The challenge for the agency was to find a way that would cut through the clutter of the myriad of chemical-based cleaning products available and possible consumer confusion over which product is the most sustainable.

The solution

How did the agency deal with this challenge?

According to Rich Wilson, Design Director for Pearlfisher, “Across the range, we’ve used the brand’s ‘E’ wordmark as a strong hook that visually manifests into a distinctive packaging format”. (The carton is die-cut into the shape of an E) “It also verbally manifests into an ownable language that defines and spells out E-Cloth’s many and varied qualities: ‘easy,’ ‘efficient,’ ‘environmental,’ and ‘enduring.’ This language is used on- and off-pack across the brand’s website, social media channels, and advertising campaigns to communicate the brand’s point of difference in a highly saturated market.”

carton die-cut design


Clever Use of Die-cutting to Carry the Brand Message

This design of this carton is very simple – each carton is printed in one or 2  colour, die-cut and glued. A 1 or 2 colour carton will be relatively inexpensive to print compared to a more elaborate 4 , 5 or 6 colour designs.

carton for cleaning cloths


Die-cutting is an often Overlooked Design Element

All cartons must die-cut from the sheet of cardboard on which they are printed during the carton manufacturing process. This is true regardless of what shape the carton or sleeve is, whether they have a window, an unusual shape or not. Therefore every carton must have a die-forme made when the carton is first produced. ( A die -forme or cutting forme is a wooden frame with blades in the shape of your carton that will cut out the shape of your carton)

Cutting Form for Carton Finishing

Cutting Form for Carton Finishing

Therefore, if you wish to exploit a design opportunity by using an unusual carton or sleeve shape or windows in an eye-catching shape, the additional cost of incorporating some extra blades into the die-forme to facilitate the unusual shape will be relatively inexpensive.

popcorn and drink carton in one piecestraightline hooked reverse tuck-end die-cut carton

Cartons with Die-Cutting

Cartons with Die-Cutting

Important Note

For all new packaging structures and/or designs, it is imperative to talk to your packaging supplier before you begin talking to your graphic designer or agency. This is because the packaging structure must be tested in a variety of ways to ensure it will function correctly along it’s lifecycle. i.e. it must be established that the proposed packaging structure can be filled with the product, closed, stored, transported, used by the consumer etc before you begin to create the graphic design for the packaging. You can read more about carton structure here.

You can read the original article here.

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