Earth Overshoot Day – free webinar

Earth Overshoot Day is held to mark the calendar date at which humanity will have used up nature’s resource budget for the entire year. This is a free 1-hour webinar looks at how businesses can collaborate and innovate to adapt their business to a more sustainable “one-planet compatible”  business model.

Key Information:

Title: How Businesses Can #MoveTheDate and Achieve One-Planet Prosperity’.

Date: 1pm Thursday 29 July 2021 (Time zone: BST)

Cost: Free

If you miss it: Available to watch on-demand for those registered

Agenda: Experts in the fields of resource efficiency and business model innovation will explore how the relationship between business and nature can be transformed to deliver a low-carbon, resource-efficient “new normal”, providing best-practice advice for listeners.

Earth Overshoot Day has been marked since the 1970s and its observance is overseen by the Global Footprint Network. This date of July 29th is the earliest yet (tied with 2019). In 2020, it was a date later than this, indicating that the COVID19 pandemic caused a reduction on global resource usage.

Speakers include:

Wayne Hubbard, chief executive at ReLondon, previously known as London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB),

Kresse Wesling, founder of the luxury fashion accessory brand Elvis & Kresse which transforms decommissioned fire hoses and other waste items into products such as handbags and belts.

Alex Lowe, a specialist in decarbonisation strategy for the B2B market.

You can find out more here.