ECMA Carton Awards 2018 – Confectionery

Luxurious Chocolate Truffle Carton Wins Award

choc truffle award winning carton 2

This month we bring you the winner and finalists in the Confectionery section of the ECMA 2018 Carton Excellence Awards.

The winner was Booja-Booja Six Truffle Packs – The Rainbow Collection, a luxury chocolate truffle carton which was designed stand out on retail shelves. The carton was produced from one sheet and features double-sided print and gold foiling.  The carton features a user-friendly opening and closing mechanism.


ecma carton award winner -confectionery 1chocolate carton - closing and opening mechanism

Finalists in the ECMA Carton Awards 2018 – Confectionery

Cote d’Or Chocolate Carton

Cote d'Or Choc carton

This carton features an innovative structure, including a reclosing mechanism and gold foiling.


Pure Chocolate Exclusive Truffles collection

Latvian Truffles carton

This series of exclusive boxes for various chocolate truffles were created for the 100-year anniversary of Latvia. Photos of traditional jewellery are shown on the carton front. These cartons were developed for efficient manual packing.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Egg with Peter Rabbit toy.

Cadbury Egg carton with toy

This eye-catching two-compartment, 1-piece carton will surely be a big favourite with children in retail shops. For food safety reasons, a separate compartment was required for the egg. Tampering with the toy is prevented by the use of die-cut apertures to secure the tail and body of the toy. However, consumers can still touch with the toy which will surely help to increase sales more than if the packaging prevented any interaction with the toy.