Elegant 2 colour cartons

Daiiys CartonTwo colour carton designs

Is it worth investing in creating colourful packaging? Does a very colourful packaging design automatically mean it will be more eye-catching and effective than a less expensive 2 colour item of packaging? Will a 1 or 2 colour carton or sleeve design create an image of a low-cost, “bottom of the range” product?

In this post, we look at photos of 2 sets of cosmetics cartons, Baby Space and Daiiys that are elegant and visually appealing even though they are printed using only 2 colours.

Both of these brands contain very few synthetic ingredients and are marketed as natural products which is reflected in the minimalist but still elegant packaging design.

Daiiys carton 1

Key Takeaway

There are no hard and fast rules for packaging design. It depends on how the design uses the colours, rather than the number of colours. A detailed packaging design brief with your objectives, target market etc clearly outlined is probably the best way to ensure that an effective packaging design is the end result. You can read more about Packaging Design in a 4 part series on our website, written by Lorraine Carter of Persona Design

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