EU Proposal to Clamp Down on Greenwashing and Early Obsolescence

In a recent article on the Euroactiv website, author Valentina Romano reported on the EU Parliament’s decision on May 11th 2023 to vote in favour of a proposal for a new directive to clamp down on false carbon neutral or “green” claims and also to ban products intentionally designed for early obsolescence.

The measures aim to protect consumers and ensure that companies are held accountable for their environmental claims.

Key Points:

– Stricter labelling requirements – businesses cannot claim their product is sustainable/carbon neutral without evidence in the form of official certification by a recognised/established public authority.

– Establishment of a body to investigate and enforce compliance with environmental claims

– Ban on planned obsolescence or products that are designed not to be repairable or designed not to work with spare parts/accessories from other suppliers or manufacturers.

Talks to finalise the law can now begin with the 27 EU member states represented in the EU Council of Ministers.

Sustainable Claims about your Packaging

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Read the original article here. EU Parliament votes to clamp down on carbon neutral claims, early obsolescence –