EU Forests – Key Sustainability Facts

We have all heard that cartons are a sustainable packaging option but questions abound about the sustainability of forests from which the wood for cartonboard is harvested. Many are concerned that while wood is undeniably a renewable resource, the amount of energy required to harvest it negates the positive effects of it being a renewable resource.

In a short video, the European Forest Institute gives key sustainability facts about EU Forests. It explains the growth in forests in the last 30 years, what percent of EU forests are accessible to the public (90%), what percent of forests are FSC or PEFC certified (51%) etc.

Most importantly, it gives facts about the amount of carbon dioxide sequestered by forests – in 2018, the EU forests sequestered 10.6% of the EU’s annual carbon emissions.

Sustainable forest management practices have meant that the increase in wood harvesting has had no “direct major impact on the total carbon sink due to the increasing forest area and growing stock”

You can view the video here.