Europe Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2024

This is the second Europe Green Packaging Innovation Summit and it promises insights and strategies to address the challenges and opportunities shaping the packaging landscape in light of climate change and the EU’s drive to tackle climate change.

The website lists the following as the highlights of the Summit:

  • “Towards 2030, European Packaging Policies
  • European Regulatory Landscape and the Shaping of the PPWR
  • New Initiative Enabling Circular Plastics Economy
  • Develop Systemic Solutions to Improve the Recyclability of Paper-based Packaging
  • Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Aluminium Packaging with Secondary Aluminium
  • Packaging Value Chain Decarbonization”

Key information about the Europe Green Packaging Innovation Summit

Language of the Speakers: English

Date: 24-25 April 2024

Location: Frankfurt, Germany and Online

Organiser: ECV International

Cost for Delegates: This is not shown on the website. An enquiry for more information can be sent through the Consultations tab on the website.

You can find out more here.