Recruiting Top Talent in Packaging – 4 things you need to know

A report by Chase & Associates gives anyone wishing to recruit staff to work in packaging 4 things they need to know if they want to recruit the best employees. Chase & Associates is an American recruiting company that specialises in packaging recruitment.

Below is a summary of the key points.

  1. Sustainability
  2. Technology
  3. Millennials
  4. Company Culture


As anyone in the packaging industry already knows, sustainability is the biggest trend affecting the industry. When recruiting talent, (especially millennials) prospective employees will now want to know what your company’s environmental policy is and what steps your company is taking to continuously improve sustainability.  This is because a growing number of people care about the environment in their daily lives and will not be willing to work for an employer who doesn’t appear to care about the environment.

“Green” recruiting strategies have been adopted by companies such as Honda, Starbucks, General Electric and Nike.


As the pace of technological innovation, including AI, continues to increase, top prospective employees will want to see that your company is at least up-to-date with, if not even at the cutting edge of technological advancements in the industry.

Prospective employees will also no doubt check out your website and your social media pages while considering a job offer from you. A clunky, old-fashioned website or out-of-date content on your social media page will not help attract the top talent.


According to a Deloitte report, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2020

Therefore it makes good sense to understand what matters to this portion of the workforce. According to this report, the following are the key things to understand about millennials:

  • they have grown up with technology (they check their mobile phones on average 45 times a day)
  • they are health conscious and 83% disapprove of people who smoke daily
  • 71% feel personally accountable for making the world a better place
  • 64% were “open to new opportunities” in a recent Deloitte survey which means that loyalty is not a given

The 4 things that motivate millennials most are listed as:

#a positive company culture that will help them grow

#a company culture that shares their values

#a company philosophy that puts people before profit

#a company that is making the world a better place

Company Culture

As discussed above, company culture is important to prospective employees, especially millennials.

How will a prospective employee judge your company culture?

Apart from looking at your online presence (website and social media etc), prospective employees may judge your company culture on their interview experience, including how they were treated by the receptionist, whether or not the interview started on time, what observations they made about how current employees behaved as they waited in reception to be called into the interview. Naturally, most prospective employees will be drawn to companies where they were well treated during their entire time at your company’s office and companies where there appeared to be a happy work atmosphere.

You can read more from Chase & Associates here.