Food and Beverage Packaging Design Trends 2020

In a recent article on the Packaging Digest website, the designers outlined the key trends they expect to dominate food and beverage packaging design in 2020.


As the name suggests, this is a design technique where one design element “morphs” into another. These designs create interest by surprising the viewer as, for example, a flower turns into a bird or vice versa. The article features beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of this technique that are used for the Beak Pick Jam brand.


This trend is, of course, the opposite of the previous year’s trend of simple, uncrowded packaging design. The author suggests that because experts on economic matters have predicted a global slowdown, consumers are yearning for more luxurious and opulence designs, featuring rich, heavily detailed packaging, such as that shown below.


This sounds like a contradiction. However, the author predicts that food and beverage designs in 2020 will combine nostalgic elements with futurist-style elements.

Eco-aware packaging

Environmentally-friendly packaging is not a new trend but it is a trend that continues to grow as businesses continue to try to reduce/ eliminate plastic and reduce the amount of packaging used altogether.

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Transparent packaging

The author asserts that this trend is already very popular in the beauty and skincare industry and she predicts that this trend will become popular in the food and beverage industry.
Clearly using transparent packaging depends on how appetising the food or beverage looks through the packaging and using this design technique would require adequate testing with the final version of the food or beverage.

Neatly structured layouts

This design trend means that the text on the packaging is separated by clear lines that divide the space into neat and balanced spaces. This makes the text easier to read and provides a structured flow of the text.

Kombucha beverage design

You can read the original article here.