Food and Drink Trends 2024

A recent article on Time magazine interviewed food industry leaders, from chefs to a food futurologist and asked them to predict the food and beverage trends we can expect in 2024 and beyond. Below is a summary of their predictions.

Fusion of Cuisines from Different Cultures in one Dish

– Examples like wafu Italian restaurants which blend Japanese and Italian foods and Filipino-British bakeries. This is a reflection of social changes, globalization, and identity.

Rise of Asian Flavours

– Predicted surge in Asian ingredients like black sesame, ube, and milk tea.

– Anticipation for wider adoption of Asian fruits like rambutan and mangosteen.

– Recognition of the distinctiveness of various Asian cuisines so that people begin to understand the differences, for example, between Filipino cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine.

Sustainability in Food Production

– Growing prioritization of sustainability in food and drink.

– Emergence of alternative chocolates (made without cocoa but tasting very similar) to combat cocoa-related deforestation.

– Innovative approaches to minimize water footprint and utilize drought-friendly crops.

– Exploration of lesser-known marine ingredients due to their reduced climate impact.

Increasing Popularity of Mushrooms

– Growing embrace of mushrooms as a meat replacement.

– Examples include mushroom meatballs, roasted lion’s mane, and shiitake bacon.

– Accessibility of mushroom cultivation even in urban environments.

Vegetable-Centric Dining

– Anticipated surge in vegetable-forward restaurants.

– Creative approaches to cooking and presenting vegetables.

– Exploration of different vegetable varieties and cooking techniques.

Culinary Integration with Beverages

– Prediction of increased integration of food and drink.

– Examples include pairing honey ice cream with whiskey cocktails.

– Emergence of unexpected flavour profiles in cocktails inspired by food, instead of alcohol only.

Rise in Mindful Drinking and Non-alcoholic Beverages Consumption

– Continuation of the rise of mindful drinking.

– Shift towards a flexible approach to alcohol consumption.

– Growth in non-alcoholic wine options with enhanced taste.

More Variety in Flavours, Ingredients, and Colours

– Introduction of unique and unconventional snacks and dishes.

– Examples include Lay’s “numb & spicy hot pot” flavoured chips and truffle-infused pasta.

– Prediction of blue-coloured foods and incorporation of floral flavours for comfort and well-being as people seek out calm and nature as an antidote in a world in turmoil.

You can read the original article here.