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Food Label Nutrition information

Improved Nutrition Labels Helps Consumers

A study carried out by the University of Surrey found that improved nutrition labelling on food helped consumers to make healthier food choices. Is it worth redesigning your food packaging to incorporate better nutritional information? The study analysed data from 2,068 adult consumers in 4 European countries. The study involved presenting participants with 3 food types, pizza, biscuits and yogurt. The basic nutritional information labels on these products were overlaid with more easily understood nutrition label systems – such as the traffic light system and Guideline Daily Amounts etc. 4 systems were tested and all were found to be easily understood by the participants and also allowed them to make healthier choices. The study states that more research is needed.

However, as a food manufacturer you may want to consider the nutrition information on your packaging when you have occasion to re-order or redesign your packaging. If you are selling a food that has is a health food or has health benefits, you may be well advised to consider highlight this or incorporate a traffic light system etc. if you have not already done so.