Free Webinar on Measurement of Colour in Food

Webinar for Food Manufacturers on Colour Measurement

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As a food manufacturer, you will know that the colour of food can affect the purchase decisions and taste perceptions of the consumer. Therefore, getting the colour of your food right is important. In this free webinar (featured on the website ) , 3 speakers outline the importance of colour analysis within the food industry, as well as examples of systems that can be used for colour measurement

Key Information

Date: Recording available – ongoing

Content : Importance of Colour Analysis and Systems for Colour Measurement in Food

Duration: 50 minutes


Christian Jansen, European Sales Manager, Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc.,

Thibaut Dedreuil-Monet, Technical Specialist, RSSL and

Etienne Arman, Analytical Specialist, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) GB R&D Ltd.

Cost: Free (However, you will need to log on to access the webinar recording )

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