FSAI produces Guidance on Marketing Terms

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FSAI Guidance on Marketing Terms

The FSAI and the ASAI(Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland) have worked together to produce guidance for food manufacturers in the use of marketing terms. The aim of this guidance is to protect consumers from mis-information and to protect manufacturers from their rightful claims being diluted by other manufacturers who are using the same terms to untruthfully describe their products.

The FSAI engaged widely with the food industry while compiling this guidance. This guidance will be useful to food manufacturers as it outlines general legal requirements on the use of marketing food terms and gives “agreed guidance” on the following terms – Artisan/Artisanal, Farmhouse, Traditional and Natural.

From what date does this marketing terms guidance apply?

This guidance applies to all foods advertised or put on the market after December 2016

ASAI comment on marketing terms guidance

The CEO of the ASAI, Orla Twomey has welcomed this guidance as it will help the ASAI and the independent Complaints Committee when called upon to adjudicate “on the use of these terms in marketing communications.”

FSAI comment on marketing terms guidance

Pamela Byrne, CEO of the FSAI feels that this guidance will help both the consumer and the small food producer. “Marketing terms, by their design, are there to attract consumers to buy certain products and are an essential part of business development in the food industry. However, they have the potential to mislead when used incorrectly. Small manufacturing businesses rely on the marketing terms in order to distinguish their products from mainstream commercial foods.”

You can read the full FSAI article here