FSAI publish definitions for Nutrition Labelling Exemptions

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Food Products Exempt from Nutrition Labelling Requirement

Earlier this year, the FSAI sought consultations from interested parties on the issue of what quantities are defined as “small quantities”. (See our previous post on this topic “FSAI seeks Views on Regulations on “Small Food Quantities” here) The implications of being defined as a small quantity is that these foods are exempt from a legal requirement to put nutritional information on the packaging.

These consultations closed on August 22nd 2016 and the FSAI has now defined and published all the relevant information regarding the “who, where, why, what, when, how” on the issue of constitutes a small food quantity and the implications of these exemptions from nutritional labelling requirements.

This is clearly a major benefit to a small food producer who is relieved of the task of collating and verifying the nutritional content of their food product.

As with any exemption, certain rules apply. The FSAI have a clear set of definitions for the following relevant terms:  what is meant by small quantities, local retail establishment, retail establishment, unit, prepacked food. It also has a Frequently Asked Questions section and a section for Food Manufacturers and Food Retailers – each answers questions regarding exemptions.

The date from which these new exemptions apply for any food labelled from December 13th 2016

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