FSC Forest Week

The FSC Forest Week Campaign occurs this year from September 24th to 30th 2022. The theme of the campaign is “Choose Forests, Choose FSC”. The aim of the campaign is to raise consumer awareness of sustainable forestry and responsible consumption.

Can you can get involved if you buy FSC-labelled packaging?

Any business with an FSC licence can get involved – businesses can hold either a chain of custody certified licence  or a promotional licence. The FSC website explains promotional licences, as follows: “To meet these consumer expectations, companies that are not FSC-certified but buy finished and FSC-labelled products, can use the FSC trademarks for promotion. This is where the FSC promotional licence comes into play. If a business buys finished, FSC-labelled products from an FSC-certified company and sells these products on to end users, they may apply to FSC for a promotional licence. A promotional licence enables businesses to use the FSC trademarks to promote these products without requiring certification.  Similarly, organizations that use, but do not sell, FSC-certified products within their business can apply for a licence to promote this. For example, a company that reached a milestone of only using FSC-certified paper in its operations may want to promote this achievement.

The promotional licence makes it easier for sellers to convey to customers that each FSC product sold has been verified, thereby increasing trust and confidence in the seller’s credibility.

FSC can be an important part of realizing your sustainability or corporate social responsibility strategies and communicating this to consumers. Sourcing responsibly and promoting your commitment to sustainability also differentiates you from your competitors” and “As awareness of the importance of sustainability increases, there is a growing trend in selecting ethical and sustainable products. As a result, many companies see value in promoting the fact that their packaging or products are FSC-certified.”

Dollard Packaging is FSC certified

Here at Dollard Packaging, we are FSC certified, therefore if you buy FSC-labelled products from us, you can get involved. This campaign is an opportunity to join forces with FSC in this mission and showcase your sustainable forestry efforts.

The FSC provides FSC licence holders with a collection of editable graphics, videos, social media posts and printable materials giving companies plenty of possibilities to participate and co-brand with FSC. The materials are available in 9 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Given the level of current consumer interest in sustainability issues, it makes “marketing sense” to create awareness in your target market of any of your work on improving the sustainability of your packaging or products. We can provide you with information regarding the origin and composition of your FSC-labelled cartons or sleeves.

Contact marketing@fsc.org or your local FSC office for more information.