Guide for Exporters to UK post Brexit

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Guide available to Download

Enterprise Ireland have produced a Guide for exporters to the UK post Brexit in a 36 page downloadable guide. The aim of the Guide is to give expert guidance on what businesses should be thinking about in the short and long term to protect themselves against the possible negative effects of Brexit. As well as the downloadable guide, Enterprise Ireland also produced a document called 5 Pillars of Enterprise Ireland Supports for Irish Exporters to the UK They state that more comprehensive information will be published in the coming months. These will be in the form of seminars, online and hard copy publications regarding these supports.

They have a dedicated section on their website for Exporters to UK and a dedicated email and phone line.

Managing currency fluctuations

Managing currency fluctuations is of course an immediate concern for all exporters. This issue is dealt with in Pages 6 and 7 of the Guide, written by John Finn, Treasury Solutions. One of his key points is advising exporters to pay “close attention to any new borrowing agreements” as he expects that banks will themselves tighten up this area significantly.

Other topics include:

Writing a Business Plan (in light of Brexit)

Lean Business

UK Opportunities


Supply Chain

Legal Issues


Diversifying into New Markets

You can download the PDF Guide here