Heineken replace Plastic Rings with Cardboard Toppers

Heinekin cardboard ring topperIn this article, we look at how Heineken UK managed to replace the plastic rings with cardboard toppers on their multi-pack cans in one UK plant while adhering to social distancing guidelines throughout the process. The company has replaced the plastic rings on their multi-pack cans of Heineken, Fosters and Kronenbourg 1664. 
In this post, we will give you a summary of an article on this story that was published in Printweek.com in August 2020. 

 “Green Grip” cardboard topper

Heineken UK has pledged to eliminate all plastic rings from their entire beer and cider products by the end of 2021. The new topper is known as the “Green Grip”.

Challenges of a New Packaging Machinery Installation during Covid19  

Heineken commenced this process in their Manchester Brewery. Changing from plastic rings to cardboard toppers required new packaging machinery to be installed.  The Brewing and Operations Director at the plant, Matt Callan observed that the process of installing new technology is always a challenge but that it was made more complicated by the fact that social distancing was required and that increased supermarket demand had also added to the production challenges.

Smart Technology Assists in the Packaging Machinery Installation

 The use of smart technology helped the Manchester plant to install the new packaging machinery while still abiding by social distancing rules. Virtual training and smart glasses were used during the installation to communicate with the Italian engineers.

Patented Cardboard Topper Design

The patented cardboard toppers were manufactured by a Spanish packaging group and the material was an FSC-certified board.
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Two more of Heineken’s UK plants are set to begin to use the Green Grip cardboard topper in Spring 2021 and the company will continue to look at further options to eliminate single-use plastic, including in its logistics and distribution network.

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