Training Guides

If you need to train your staff about any aspect of packaging, you may find some of 11 Training Guides useful.

List of Training Guides Available

Artwork– Artwork Guidelines for Packaging

Board – How to Choose Board for your Cartons

Value – Getting the Best Value, First Time Buyers Guide, Buying Tips

Inks – When to Special Inks vs Process Inks

Special Finishes  – Special Finishes to Enhance your Packaging Explained

Delivery Dates – How to Get your Packaging on Time

Proofreading – Proofreading Checklist

Food Packaging Regulations

Sustainability – 7 Ways to Make your Packaging Sustainable

How To Download the Training Guides

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List of Helpful Guides Available

Delivery Dates - Get Packaging On Time
When to Use Special Inks instead of Process Inks in Packaging Printing
Getting the Best Value
First Time Buyers Guide
Buying Tips
How to Choose Board for your Carton or Sleeve
Enhance your Packaging with Special Finishes
Artwork Guidelines for Packaging
Packaging Proofing Checklist
Food Regulations
7 Ways to Make your Cartons More Sustainable