How Food Brands are Adapting to Covid19 – Podcast

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This is a 37-minute podcast hosted by Mintel in which 3 experts discuss the effect that COVID 19 is having on the Food and Drink industry and how brands are adapting to this. Mintel is a global provider of market research, providing data, market research, trends & insights that impact businesses.

The key conclusions of the experts were:

Re-invigorating certain Foods and Ingredients.

With certain health conditions making some more susceptible than others to the coronavirus, consumers are looking for ways to boost immunity, presenting opportunities for brands to reinvigorate product innovation strategies. Consumers are looking for foods and ingredients that promise to boost immunity, such as ginseng, red pepper, bark extract etc. The experts cautioned food brands to avoid unfounded or unproven health claims about the immunity-boosting properties of some ingredients.

China has seen a surge in demand for Chinese medicine, herbal remedies, black garlic etc

Google search trends are showing an increase in users searching for anti-viral foods immunity-boosting foods.


Some brands have diverted away from their normal products to the production of masks, hand sanitisers, and medical devices.

Re-introduction of Foods with Long Shelf Life

The once-neglected centre aisles of the grocery store are now very attractive to consumers, reintroducing them to products with a long shelf life and the ingredients used in home cooking.

“Cleanliness Theatre”

The experts discussed the concept of “cleanliness theatre” which is the idea that, within the food industry, brands will compete with each other to show off how clean their entire process is whether this is in the foodservice or food manufacture area. This will be to reassure consumers that their food products are very safe to eat. This will be especially important for companies producing baby and infant food, the experts observed.

You can listen to the podcast here.