How to Design Cosmetic Packaging

Steps to Designing Beauty and Cosmetic Cartons

This is an excellent article by Deanna deBara on the website. It outlines the process of designing cosmetic packaging from start to finish, without getting into too much unnecessary detail. The article features lots of relevant images of cosmetic packaging to illustrate the points. Below we summarise the key points and add some advice from the perspective of a carton manufacturer.

Key points

The author states that packaging is your first opportunity to get noticed by your potential customer so it’s important to get it right, regardless of whether your products are on retail shelves or online.

Prime before you design: By this, the author means that you need to do some basic marketing planning, including

Defining your ideal customer and

Defining your brand personality.

Define how your ideal customers are buying your product

Decide how you’re going to sell your products – online or in-store? In small boutiques or in large retailers? Your design strategy may need to change depending on where you’re selling your goods.

Create a mood board for your brand. “Let cosmetics packaging trends inspire you”. The article includes information and gorgeous images of cosmetic packaging from each of the 6 trends discussed.

Create your perfect cosmetics packaging

  • Pick your brand design elements – decide on colour, fonts, style. These all must reflect what you have already decided above – e.g. brand personality, what your ideal customer is looking for, what your competitors are using
  • Gather the info you need to include on your packaging. You need to make sure to include all the information required by the relevant regulations e.g. FDA. She lists common items that may need to be included.
  • Choose your packaging type – consider the 3 elements, outer, inner, and product packaging.

Dollard Packaging additional advice. Before starting to consider the graphic design of inner packaging i.e. carton you must decide on the Structure of the Carton first. This ensures that your carton will be fit-for-purpose along all of its life cycle, from when it is being filled right through to when it is being recycled. We can advise you on the best structure for your carton. This is an extremely important part of the packaging creation process. You can read more about Carton Structure here. 

  • Choose a focal point for your design. Decide what element you want the customer to focus most on. Also, consider what board and finishes you want to use. Extra finishing can add a luxury feel to your cosmetics. You can read more about special finishes here.
  • How to find the right designer for your cosmetics packaging
  • Start designing


Read the full article here:  How to Design Cosmetics Packaging: The Ultimate Guide (