Most Iconic Packaging in Britain



UK’s Most Iconic Packaging

In this article, we summarise the key points of an article by Jim Butschli, Features Editor of Packworld on Britain’s Most Iconic Packaging. The article reports on an online survey carried out by EasyFairs on the topic of the recognisability of the packaging of various brands. 1,500 UK residents participated in the survey. Not surprisingly, the most recognisable brands were the brands of fast moving consumer goods. The report outlines the top 10 most recognisable brands as shown below – the Coca Cola bottle winning as the most recognisable packaging, even when seen without the label.

Britain’s Top Ten most recognisable brands (in order of most recognisable to least recognisable)

Coca-Cola bottle, Toblerone triangle, Marmite jar, Pringles tube, KFC bucket, Heinz ketchup bottle, Fairy liquid bottle, Apple’s iPhone box, Walkers crisp package, Amazon box

The article quotes the Design Director of Coca Cola, Alex Center who says that the packaging – i.e. the Coca Cola bottle, is their most valuable asset and has always been at “the core of the Coca Cola brand”. While the Coca Cola bottle has been around for a long time, Coca Cola’s skilful marketing to attract a younger audience has resulted in 20% of millennials naming the Coca Cola bottle as the most recognisable brand package.

An interesting aspect of the top ten list is the fact that many of these brands have a very unique and distinctive shape, such as the Cola bottle, Toberlone, the KFC bucket, the Pringles tube. Heinz ketchup bottle. The importance of shape may be worth taking a long look at when considering a new package design. You can read more about shape in package design in one of our previous articles on packaging design here.  

The report also looks at the results of what respondents considered the greatest packaging inventions – barcodes were voted as the best packaging invention. As respondents were asked to submit their ages before completing the survey, the report sheds lights on how the different age sectors had differing opinions on what the greatest packaging invention is.

You can read the full article here.