Interactive Design Takes Chocolate Packaging to a New Height

In an article on the website, Jessica Deseo discusses the cartons for Covet Chocolate, a Dubai-based premium-quality chocolatier. Their chocolate packaging is a truly innovative design with interactive features and stunning design. Below we bring you photos and a summary of the key features.

Quality of the Chocolate

The chocolate is an artisanal product that uses the ‘bean to bar’ method.  Covet uses only the finest organically grown cocoa beans. Covet’s cocoa beans are handpicked, roasted, cracked, sorted, winnowed, ground, conched, tempered and finally packaged.

Interactive Carton Design Features

The illustration on the front cover depicts chocolate-making as an art form. The artwork is detailed and elegant and reflects the company’s message of purity and luxury.

interactive packaging Covet Choc Packaging High quality innovative packaging

The carton board used for the outer package is an uncoated recycled paper stock which echoes the brand’s natural approach.

Interactive elements: Each carton has 18 unique pattern stickers supplied in it so that customers have the ability to personalize the illustration (the armchair at the front) on the carton using the stickers or they can draw their own design on it.

Covet Choc Packaging interactive chocolate packaging

This part of the packaging can be torn and repurposed as a coaster or bookmark. Through this unique design feature, Covet’s intention is to create a more sustainable, less disposable approach to packaging and raise brand awareness through product differentiation. The idea behind this is that Covet customers can keep part of the packaging as a functional tool instead of throwing it away (which is what happens with most other chocolate brands).

reusable packaging

This unique interactive feature will also have appeal to children which will further increase the engagement by adults who may assist with applying the stickers or drawing on the carton. All of this interaction will go a long way to reinforcing the brand image in the minds of their customers.

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