Irish Businesses Largely Unprepared to be Carbon Neutral by 2050

An article on examined the level of preparedness of Irish businesses for Ireland’s 2050 carbon neutral target. The government have set a target for Ireland to be carbon neutral by 2050 and for this to happen, every organisation must play its part and take action by making sustainability a business imperative and a leadership priority. The report was commissioned by Microsoft Ireland and carried out by UCC.

Report findings:

– one in five businesses (19%) are yet to commence efforts to become more sustainable

– only 9% consider themselves well-advanced or truly sustainable

– only 2 out of 5 businesses have a dedicated sustainability strategy or policy

– 20% of businesses have not yet made commitments or targets relating to important sustainability issues.

– there is a lack of sustainability leadership and skills

– 69% of businesses have not tasked anyone with developing and implementing a sustainability strategy

The article notes that large businesses will be required to publicly disclose information on how they engage with environmental, social and governance issues from 2024 onwards.

It also notes that 64% of businesses have not adopted digital technologies, such as data intelligence or AI, that would support their sustainability efforts.

What businesses need to do

Dr. Marguerite Nyhan, associate professor in future engineering sustainability and environmental engineering advises that ” begin(s) by defining a sustainability strategy with firm net zero commitments and targets that are measured and monitored. Organisations urgently need to be aware of the new sustainability reporting obligations and address the challenges associated with sustainability reporting”.

You can read the original article here.

Achieving Sustainability Targets – Packaging

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