Is your Cosmetics Packaging Luxurious Enough?

This article is from the American packaging company, JohnsByrne Packaging. It discusses how cosmetics packaging needs to be luxurious to complete in the marketplace. The article begins by pointing out that a cosmetics product’s packaging will most often be the first interaction a consumer may have with a cosmetic product. Therefore it is extremely important that the packaging conveys the right message. Given that a consumer’s primary motivation in buying a cosmetic product is a desire for well-being or a “feel-good” experience, it is vital that the packaging also delivers this “feel-good” experience.

Below we summarise the practical suggestions given in the article on how to make your cosmetic packaging more luxurious and ways to differentiate from the competition.

1. Talk to your packaging supplier for ideas at the start of the project

This first suggestion is extremely important for two reasons. The first reason is that the structure of your packaging is the element of your packaging that should be agreed-upon first (in conjunction with your packaging supplier and graphic designer) before the artwork/ graphic design is created. The structure of your packaging will be dictated by many factors including the size and shape of the product, how the product will be packed, stored, transported and displayed until it is sold. Thereafter, the usage, storage and recycling of the product and packaging by the consumer need to be considered.

The following article contains a handy checklist of questions to ask before you decide on your packaging structure or the carton boards you will use for the packaging.

( If you instead begin with the graphic design, you may find that you have spent a lot of money on creating artwork that is useless because it doesn’t work with the required packaging structure.)
The second reason to have an in-depth discussion with your packaging supplier is that you will get the benefit of their experience and they may come up with ideas that your packaging designer may not have thought of. At Dollard Packaging, we are delighted to discuss your packaging with you at any time.

2. Consider an Unusual Packaging Structure or Shape

Within the cosmetics industry, it is the norm for packaging to be folding cartons which are delivered flat, then assembled and packed. Cosmetic packaging is typically a rectangular box. The article recommends that you consider an unusual structure or shape such as a hexagonal, round, or pyramid-shaped folding carton. This will help the product stand out on the retail shelves or even when viewed on a digital device.

At Dollard Packaging, we second this suggestion, provided you are talking to your packaging supplier as well as your graphic designer about this unusual structure. Your packaging supplier can help you find a packaging structure that will be different from your competitors but will also work perfectly throughout the various lifecycle phases of the product.

3. All round printing for a 360-degree experience

Many packaging buyers use special finishes to create a luxury or unusual effect. You can read more about special finishes.

However, printing or running the design onto all parts of the packaging, such as the lid, base and inner carton can create a 360 experience and therefore have more impact.

carton with all round printing

4. Incorporate a window or interactive elements into your carton

Incorporating a window or a flap into your packaging design ( with or without a clear film over the window) will allow retail consumers to see or engage with your product in some way. Invariably higher engagement will result in higher sales. If you are considering a window patch with a clear plastic film over it, we can provide you with a clear “eco-film” that is made from a plant-based material, contains no plastic and is fully biodegradable. You can read more about the eco-film here.

You may want to read more about sustainability in the cosmetics industry here.

5. Define your Brand on your Packaging

The branding of your packaging will be decided by you and your graphic designer but is worth remembering that “Your packaging is your product’s salesperson”.
Therefore the article’s last piece of advice is especially important. This advice is that your branding message should always “be consistent and on point. Your brand should ideally be immediately recognizable and emphasize the characteristics that are most important”.

You can read the full article below.

Is Your Current Packaging Luxurious Enough to Compete in Cosmetics?