Jamie Oliver’s opinion on Sugar Labeling Info

Photo of TV Chef Jamie Oliver

TV Chef Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver calls on UK government to improve Sugar Labeling Information

Jamie Oliver has urged governments to impose regulations in the UK Food and Drink Industry – regulations to compel fizzy drink manufacturers to show the amount of sugar in teaspoons on the label, rather than only in grams per 100 grams.

Should Irish Food Producers improve their sugar labeling information?

Should Irish food and drink manufacturers take the lead on this and show the number of teaspoons of sugar on their food or drink product labels from now on? Given how well-respected Jamie Oliver’s opinion is and his prior success in forcing the UK government to improve the quality of school dinners,(read more here on Jamie’s School Dinners)  we think it would be wise to consider showing this information from now on when designing new packaging.

More User-friendly Information may help Sales.

For any food or drink producers who are selling a product that is a health food or low in sugar, this extra user-friendly information may help to persuade consumers to buy a brand because they feel fully informed about what they are eating. In the food sector that caters for children’s food, could this may be even more beneficial for driving sales as consumers increasingly more aware of the effects of sugar on their children’s health and weight?

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